Print Selfies on Biscuits at Events

The Biskery provides the leading UK mobile biscuit printing service. Our team of experts can arrive at your event, set up and print 300-400 selfies onto delicious biscuits per day. On top of that each selfie biscuits is automatically branded with your logo on it!

9 gift ideas for a wedding anniversary

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a beautiful way to honor the past, celebrate the present, and look forward to the future with love, commitment, and dedication. It allows couples to take a moment, reconnect and...

Celebrating Pride Month in the Office

June is celebrated as Pride Month around the world, a time to honor and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. Celebrating Pride Month in the office is not only important for creating a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+...

Earth Day 2023

Conscience, that is one of our company values. It is a value we live by as people as well as business owners. We deeply care about our planet and its future, and we do what we can to protect it. As such we make conscious decisions on how we run our business.

Gratitude Talks with Will Polston

Every Monday we sit down with a guest to talk about Gratitude. The topic of gratitude is one that is so important to us at The Biskery. Every Tuesday it is Gratitudesday at The Biskery....

Manage Preferences

How do we manage our newsletter campaign communications about seasonal products, so that they are relevant and not triggering to our audience?We think that yearly opt-out emails for say mother's/ father's day can cause as many...

Lebkuchen Tin reveal 2022

“We are so proud to present our new tin design created by Rafaella. The vibrant Christmas themed colours and just all round great artistry of Rafaella’s design caught the eye of theThe Biskery's entire team.”

Everyone here loves what they do

"I want to feel fulfilled in my work and knowing that with each little box we send out, it puts a smile on someone’s face. I always feel proud to say I work here!"

My favourite ones are the jam biscuits

What is it like to work at The Biskery? We can only speak for ourselves, so we thought we’d add some more voices to the mix. Namely, those of our wonderful team!   Tell us...

Cherry pie recipe

This classic recipe from The Netherlands is called a ‘vlaai’ in Dutch. And while consumed throughout the The Netherlands, it traditionally comes from the southern region named Limburg. Traditional ones that are made in the region, are called ‘Limburgse Vlaai’. 

Proudly Yorkshire

If you didn’t know already, The Biskery biscuits are proudly made in Yorkshire. And now we have ‘The Yorkshire Mark’ to showcase it loud and proud. The Yorkshire Mark is a provenance trademark for independent Yorkshire Food & Drink producers, champions and ambassadors.

Who run the world?

Did you know that ALL: your biscuits are baked and decorated by mothers your emails are answered by mothers our newsletters are written by mothers Marketing strategies are thought out by mothers Business development is guided by mothers...

Corporate Easter Gifts

Easter is however the perfect occasion to make your workforce or clients feel appreciated. Everyone expects a little something at Christmas. Sending a little gift out for Easter can make you stand out, for the right reasons, and showcase that you care and value the person you send the gift to.

Scamp & Dude x The Biskery

Scamp & Dude X The Biskery Baked: 300 jam biscuits impressed with different brand messages Turnaround time: 50 shipped every week over a 6 week period   One for the team One of our team...

Gifts for International Women's Day

Whilst one day a year of celebrating women is not enough, we are pleased to be offering a wide range of gifts for International Women’s Day, made by women for women. Over the years, our gifts for International Women’s Day on March 8th have evolved, and we are proud to share some of the creations with you!

Custom cookie cutters 3D Printed

Consistency is key in our biscuit production line. That is why we choose to produce these 3D cookie cutters in-house; because it keeps the quality high and the order turnaround time low. 

Fighting bed poverty in Leeds with Zarach

Bedtime treats to raise awareness for child poverty in Leeds The Biskery announces Zarach as their charity to raise funds for this year. Here at The Biskery we love giving back to our community. Not...

Back to the office...?

Back to the office…? WFH, hybrid-model, flexible working, agency days, back in the office – many of us are navigating a new way of working in a post-pandemic world. As employees turned employers ourselves, here...

Love don't cost a thing

A bit of romance shouldn’t leave a hole in your pocket. So we thought that we’d suggest 10 great things to do together this Valentine’s Day that don’t cost much.   1. Play tourist for...

How to bloom in business and in life

About this time last year, Francesca Wynn of Network Inspired tagged me in a post on Facebook. The post was from She Rises Studios, a women empowerment group based in the US. They were looking...

Hotel biscuits

It’s the little things that matter when it comes to creating that all important first impression for your guests. And luxurious hotel room biscuits to greet your guests with, can make that difference.