Many businesses understand the power of a thoughtful, branded biscuit – but when it comes to large-scale events or campaigns, they worry about finding a biscuit bakery that can handle both volume and customisation. 

Novotel branded biscuits at scale

That's where we come in.  

We specialise in hand-baked, bespoke biscuits designed to your exact specifications, and we have the capacity to fulfil orders well into the thousands!

Some of our Success Stories: 

  • Lakeland's Launch: When Lakeland unveiled their new mobile app, they wanted a unique, on-brand giveaway. We created 1100 telephone-shaped biscuits printed with their app's home screen, perfectly complementing their launch event.
  • JTI's Customer Celebration: For the past four years JTI has celebrated the season with their customers by adding surprise gingerbread biscuits to orders placed in December. Every year we bake into the thousands of Christmas tree gingerbread biscuits for them. The largest order we completed for them being 19,000 gingerbread biscuits. Their star rating on Trustpilot got a real boost from gifting these free biscuits to their customers!
JTI Christmas tree biscuits baked by The Biskery
  • Havas Play Rebrand Promotion: One of Havas Play's clients is a large Telecom brand. For the launch of their rebrand we baked 5000+ biscuits in a bespoke shape. All these biscuits were posted to eight different store locations across the UK.
  • Other businesses that we have baked into the thousands per order for are a.o: Karl Lagerfeld, NHS, Dorel, Shein, Leeds Bid, etc, etc. We'd love to bake for you next!


Why We're the Perfect Partner for Large Orders

  • Capacity: Our skilled team and production facility allow us to handle high-volume orders without sacrificing quality.
  • Customisation:  Your vision is our priority. We bring your biscuit dreams to life from complex biscuit shapes to intricate impressed butter biscuit branding.
  • Sustainability: We offer sustainable packaging for all our bespoke biscuits whether that is compostable transparent bags or recycled letterbox-friendly packaging. All our biscuits are packaged with sustainability in mind.
  • Reliability: We understand deadlines are non-negotiable. We have a proven track record of delivering on time. 



“An impressive turnaround! Thank you very much for accepting such a large order and rising to the challenge of such a tight deadline ”

C. Osborne, JTI


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Written by Saskia Roskam

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