Economic inclusion is the reason why we're unashamedly growing a for profit business. Build on a framework that works for working mums.

Because a woman's monetary compensation for the work she delivers is hugely important for a.o.:

💡Her self belief
💡Her caring role in her family
💡Her spending power in society and thus influence on society
💡Her role modelling capacity for her children and other women

Our co-founder Saskia is the daughter of a stay at home mum. While there were many benefits as a young child, she now sees with devastating clarity how her mother's lack of economic understanding and the workings of money in general, are having a profound effect on her (and her children) in later life.

Yesterday saw the launch of Women's Work. A piece of research by Leah Millthorne and colleagues who are looking for solutions to remove the barriers for women's economic inclusion.

Unbeknownst to us The Biskery was named in the report as an example of how to make work accessible to a larger pool of women.

This is important because women in the UK:
💡 earn 30% less than men,
💡 carry out 60% more unpaid work,
💡 accumulate only half the private pension wealth that men do
💡 are less able to afford a decent home

This report (which you can read here) is worth your time reading to discover real tangible solutions on how to create fairer outcomes.

Thank you UK Women's Budget Group and CLES - Centre for Local Economic Strategies for powering this report.
Written by Saskia Roskam

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