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Three heart-shaped jam biscuits on a table, ready for dunking.

Personalised Message Biscuits

German lebkuchen biscuits from Biskery
Lebkuchen cookies, a traditional Christmas treat.
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German Lebkuchen Cookies

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 tin of Edible Affirmations next to a stack of Christmas cookies
Edible Biscuit Advent Calendar - A delicious way to count down to Christmas!
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Biscuit Advent Calendar

A can of biscuits labeled "12 Days of Kindness." The can is sitting on a wooden table
A tin of 13 biscuits. A great gift for the 12 days of kindness, or any other occasion from The Biskery

12 Days of Kindness Biscuit Tin

Award-winning Individual 'Name' Biscuit with a heart-shaped center

Individual 'Name' Biscuit

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Personalised Christmas Biscuits

Personalised Letter from Santa with a festive cookie in a The Biskery box
Personalized letter from Santa Claus, with a red ribbon and a candy cane.

Personalised Letter from Santa

A variety of Christmas cookies in different shapes and sizes, perfect for making your own DIY Christmas tree decorations kit. Includes a Christmas tree biscuit
A Christmas tree decorated with a variety of decorated cookies, including gingerbread men. The cookies are hung from the branches of the tree with ribbons
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DIY Xmas tree decorations Kit

Biscuits gifts for Santa from The Biskery
A close-up of a plate of Biscuits with a variety of shapes and decorations
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Biscuit gift for Santa

Small gingerbread house decorated with white icing and gingerbread men, placed on a table beside a pile of biscuits
A charming gingerbread house adorned with white icing and gingerbread men, placed on a table next to a delightful pile of biscuits.
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Gingerbread House DIY Kit

Front and back design of The Biskery Tote bag
The Biskery Tote bag modelled by some of the team

The Biskery Tote Bag

Christmas tree biscuit made of butter dough, decorated with sprinkles and a yellow star.
A Christmas tree biscuit kit, a bag of sprinkles, and a bag of icing sugar on a table.
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Christmas Tree Decorating Kit

A hand holding an individual Christmas biscuit with a heart in the middle.
A close-up of a Christmas biscuit with a heart in the middle
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Individual Xmas biscuit


A Gift for You

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