Biscuits from the shop are great! We know, we buy them too. But you can’t write your name on a Digestive, Jammie Dodger or Tesco’s Finest shortbread. Nor can you get them in your brand colours, impressed or shaped like your logo or in the theme of your son’s favourite fantasy book.

With our custom cookies option, you are limited only by your imagination! Plus we are postal cookie experts! On a daily basis, we ship our cookies to individual home address or business address all over the UK and beyond.

Hand iced biscuits made with a 3D printed cookie cutter

Cookies for special occasions

Hence why, for those very special occasions that just deserve a bit more, we create custom cookies.

We cater for both corporate and private clients. We work together with you to create the best cookies for your event or special day. We can create any size, flavour and shape needed.

3D printed cookie cutters

In fact, we have a 3D printer in house specifically for this very purpose. This allows us to work to incredibly specific briefs. Some people want to add biscuits to boxes they have already ordered and need the biscuits to be of a specific shape. Others want the logo or other brandishing such as wedding initials stamped into a biscuit. All these custom cookie cutters /stamps we can print in-house. Allowing us to work on highly specific briefs in a relatively short amount of time.

The Biskery logo

Contact us today for a quote

We have fulfilled many, highly bespoke orders for individual customers, to charities and well-known international brands and enterprises.

Please don’t hesitate to share your packaging needs with us, and we will work with you to get the perfect product sent out for you.

Our individually packaged biscuits can be delivered all over mainland UK and Europe. Have a look at our dedicated personalised page or corporate biscuits page to find out more. Alternatively, email or use the below contact form to tell us all about your specific biscuit wishes.

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