Not everyone’s biscuit needs are the same. That is why at The Biskery we are happy to design something that is perfectly unique to you; in order to give prominence to your (brand) message.

Handcrafting biscuits to order is our speciality. Most of our orders are for standard round, square or rectangular biscuits. But there are many occasions where something more tailor-made is required. So as to fulfil those orders to the highest standard, we create custom cookie cutters. This allows us to create a perfectly bespoke shaped biscuit each and every time.

The benefits of 3D printing cookie cutters

Consistency is key in our biscuit production line. That is why we choose to produce these 3D cookie cutters in-house; because it keeps the quality high and the order turnaround time low. Which means your lead time will be shorter. It also allows for easy reordering of bespoke biscuits as you only ever pay once for the computer animated design (CAD) modelling of your unique cookie cutter shape. 

We can also guarantee that the material used to create the cutter mould is food-safe.

Case studies

Many clients come to us with highly bespoke biscuit needs. They might have a specific theme, a specific size requirement or something else that requires us to use a different cutter.

Read more about some of these case studies below:

Shedid & Parish

Unique cutter required as the biscuit needed to follow the logo outline.


Unique cutter required as the biscuit needed to follow the jockey shirt outline.

Charles Russell Speechleys

Unique cutter required as the biscuit needed to follow the logo outline.

Sketch Events

Lederhosen and dirndl (dress) were needed in a specific size and design.

Sandwood Events

This Easter-themed box needed a champagne bottle. So we created a custom cutter champagne bottle made to fit the letterbox-friendly postal box

Creation Process

Every bespoke cookie cutter is made in-house with our 3D printer. We take your design ideas and sketch them out to size to make sure they fit in your chosen packaging. From this basic sketch, we then continue with creating a CAD of your cutter. This design gets transmitted to our 3D printer, which then goes to work to create the bespoke cutter. Once finished we can create as many of these as we need to fulfil the current and future orders in the set turnaround time.


We love these highly personalised biscuit boxes orders. They require a higher level of creativity and communication with the client. We really thrive on these orders as they push us to new and exciting limits. They increase our understanding of what is possible in the personalised and branded biscuit space.

Contact us for more information

If you are looking for a tailor-made biscuit or cookie, then do not hesitate to contact us! We love talking about biscuits and design any day of the week. Creative collaboration gets us excited time and time again.