How to make iced biscuits

We bake many iced biscuits at The Biskery and we would love to let you in on all the techniques we use in our kitchen. Many of these we have discovered by trial and error. We hope the below guide will take away the hard work of so that you can start using this skill in your home kitchen today.

So let's dive in!

How to make royal icing recipe

We want to give you the tools to make royal iced biscuit at home. And the process starts with a good Royal Icing Recipe. If you follow our guidance you will make a beautiful silky royal icing time and time again.

The Power of a Personalised Letter from Santa

Elevate your child's Christmas with our exclusive Santa experience! Order a personalised letter from Santa, complete with a specially wrapped festive biscuit, all enclosed in an exclusive envelope. It's a magical touch to create lasting memories for your little ones. Don't settle for ordinary – make this holiday season extraordinary. 

Edible photo booths

An edible photo booth is a fun and unique way to promote your brand or product at events. Guests can have their photos taken or send photos directly from their phone and have them printed onto delicious biscuits in seconds in front of their eyes.

The helper's high: How kindness benefits us all

Have you ever felt a warm and fuzzy feeling after helping someone? Or maybe you've experienced a boost in happiness after receiving an act of kindness? There's a scientific explanation for this: it's called the helper's high.

What is celebrated at Diwali?

The world is rich with so many different cultural celebrations some we are familiar with, others (depending on where we are in the world) might be lesser known to us. Are you familiar with the celebration of Diwali?

It's Black History Month

It will not have escaped you that it is black history month in the UK. And lots of people from different walks of life are communicating that they support black owned businesses.

20 Eco-Friendly Stocking Filler Ideas

Above everything else for us Christmas is a time for being together. Second to that it is giving when you are able to and receiving gifts given with grateful hands. But when not considerate in our gift choices it can also be a time for waste. With all the wrapping paper, decorations, and food that is consumed, it can be hard to keep the festive season eco-friendly.

halloween party ideas

Learn How to Choose a Theme, Decorate Your Space, Plan Activities, and Send out Invitations for an unforgettable Halloween Party.

GCSE results day 2023

Amidst a year of hard work, students are opening their GCSE Results on 24th of August. As envelopes are opened on GCSE results day 2023, a mix of excitement and disappointment fills the air. The WJEC Examination...

How to Throw a Sustainable Party

Throwing a party can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. And if you're not careful, it can be a lot of waste. Here we offer a few tips to keep the waste to a minimum.

Our Personalised Jam Biscuits Receive a Great Taste Award

We’re extremely passionate about creating delicious and high-quality biscuits that our customers will love. Many brands out there focus primarily on their biscuits looking good. We think there is no point in being in the food industry if the product first and foremost doesn't taste great! 

Five ways to support charities as a small business

Many small business owners have limited resources and a multitude of financial pressures and insecurities. But if like us you want to pay it forward, then know there is a case to make to support a charity in non-monetary ways.

There are many ways in which a small business can support a charity that is close to their heart. And those ways are welcomed by charities, as they often feed directly into their efforts of true community building. 

What if… we use our businesses to spread kindness

Never underestimate the impact of even the smallest acts of kindness. The Biskery's journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of spreading kindness—one biscuit at a time. Together, we can sow seeds of compassion and build a world where kindness prevails.