We are a bakery based in Leeds (West Yorkshire) specialising in branded & personalised biscuits. Our bakery began with a mutual passion for tasty bakes and a desire to share what we made with the people around us. From small beginnings at the kitchen table, co-founders Lisa and Saskia now supply speciality biscuits to people and organisations across the UK and abroad.

The perfect recipe

Every bake begins with a mix of good quality ingredients and the knowledge of how to combine these ingredients for the best flavour. Add a dash of curiosity and a commitment to delivering exactly what the customer needs – and the secret of The Biskery's success is revealed.

Traditional values with a modern approach

Our bakes are based on classic recipes from across Europe. Britain has a strong tradition of simple but incredible bakes that work perfectly for any celebration. Bringing recipes from their own Dutch and German heritage, Saskia and Lisa also bring a wide array of classic Northern European recipes to our repertoire. From a traditional buttery biscuit to a rich and nutty lebkuchen – all of our products follow in the footsteps of our most loved recipes.

But we also love innovation. You want the perfect bake to mark a special occasion or send a simple thank you, we are always on the lookout for new ways to help you do just that. From individual cookie cutters made with a 3D printer to wafer printed biscuits coloured with your corporate logo, people will never forget a bake from The Biskery.


Handled with care

Every order, large and small, is freshly baked, decorated and packaged in house. We offer the personal touch at every stage, from finding the right balance of nuts and spice to carefully wrapping your delivery in environmentally friendly packaging.

This commitment also extends to our customer service process. If you have a unique request or would like to follow up on an order, one of our team is available to chat over the phone or by email. No matter how challenging you think your idea might be to achieve, we will endeavour to meet it.

Our customers

From Fendi to The BBC to Natwest, we have worked with a number of well known brands, along with a number of smaller, independent businesses. Our flexible and creative approach means that we can work with you to create the perfect branded biscuit.

We also love finding the solution to your more personal orders. Whether you are celebrating an engagement or want to let a dear friend know that you are thinking of them, you can rest assured that we will give your order all of the care and attention that it deserves.


Our Vision

When Lisa and Saskia created The Biskery (formerly known as Bloom Bakers) they were young mothers who loved to work, but never wanted it to be at the expense of nurturing their children. They dreamt of creating a lifestyle that would bring them purpose and fulfilment, that worked around their families as much as possible, and that warranted them being away from their children when necessary.

As the bakery thrives they are now committed to offering this opportunity to others, and at the same time, demonstrating that working with women and mothers enriches a business, rather than puts it at risk.

Lisa and Saskia know from personal experience that while motherhood is an important and fulfilling role, everyone benefits when women are also able to seek purpose outside of the home, as women in their own right. It is with this insight that we have designed an employment model which offers women to rediscover their confidence and innate skills, hone new ones and make a valued and active contribution to a successful business.