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Happy birthday jam biscuits with heart-shaped cut-outs in the middle. Some of the biscuits are personalised with a name, and the background is purple
Unboxing video of happy birthday jam biscuits from The Biskery

Happy Birthday Biscuits

Three heart-shaped jam biscuits on a table, ready for dunking.

Personalised Message Biscuits

Iced Affirmation biscuits on display. A variety of heart-shaped biscuits decorated with the words 'LOVED', 'WONDERFUL', 'WORTHY', 'ENOUGH', 'STRONG', 'KIND', and 'SPECIAL'

The Affirmations Box

Delicious personalised edible photo biscuits for a unique & memorable gift.
Personalised edible photo biscuits featuring your message or image. A delicious & unique gift!

Edible photo cookies

A box of of Garden Flower Biscuits from The Biskery, a variety of flower topped square biscuits made with all-natural ingredients.
Water colour painted design of a garden flower biscuits.

Flower Biscuits

Award-winning Individual 'Name' Biscuit with a heart-shaped center

Individual 'Name' Biscuit


Individual 'Happy Birthday' Biscuit

A wooden cutting board topped with delicious biscuits arranged to celebrate a 60th birthday
A thoughtful gift of heart-shaped biscuits arranged on a wooden cutting board to celebrate a special 60th birthday.

Happy 60th Birthday Biscuits

Colourful rainbow biscuits with 'happy Birthday' written on them.
Six rainbow heart-shaped birthday cookies on a slate tray, personalised with messages like "Happy Birthday Charlie".

Iced Birthday Biscuits

A wooden cutting board topped with delicious-looking biscuits, one of which is decorated with the words 'Happy 50th Birthday'
 50th Birthday biscuits in the box from The Biskery

Happy 50th Birthday Biscuits

Individual I Love You Biscuit - Say it with a biscuit!
 Express affection with our "Individual I Love You Biscuit." A sweet gesture in every bite! Perfect for heartfelt moments.

Individual 'I Love You' Biscuit

Front and back design of The Biskery Tote bag
The Biskery Tote bag modelled by some of the team

The Biskery Tote Bag

A plate of biscuits with the words "Happy 40th Birthday" written on them.
A close-up of a box of biscuits with a 40th birthday.

Happy 40th Birthday Biscuits

Delightful Happy 70th Birthday biscuits, arranged on a wooden cutting board, with a ribbon
Box of delicious Happy 70th Birthday biscuits decorated with a heart-cutter

Happy 70th Birthday Biscuits

Delicious Happy 21st Birthday biscuits arranged on a wooden cutting board
Box of Happy 21st Birthday biscuits with a white ribbon and heart-shaped cookies inside.

Happy 21st Birthday Biscuits

Box of heart-shaped biscuits with white icing and paintbrushes, ready for creative decoration. Paint Your Own Biscuits kit. Fun for all ages!
Heart-shaped biscuits with white icing on a tray, with paintbrushes and a colourful palette.

Paint Your Own Biscuits Box

Delicious Happy 30th Birthday biscuits arranged on a cutting board
A box of six iced biscuits spelling out "Happy 30th Birthday"

Happy 30th Birthday Biscuits

Celebrate with these adorable party food birthday biscuits
Party Food Birthday Biscuits with Jam like birthday party treats, perfect for a fun celebration.

Party Food Birthday Biscuits

From £46.00
Colorful and delicious Happy 18th Birthday biscuits, arranged on a wooden cutting board.
A person turns around a box labelled "The Biskery" and "Love Every Bite." Inside the box are "Happy 18th Birthday" biscuits.

Happy 18th Birthday Biscuits


Happy Birthday Gift Card

From £5.00