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Thank You Teacher cookies from The Biskery
Thank You Teacher Biscuits
Prioritise your happiness - postcard
The back side of Kindness postcards from The Biskery.

Kindness Card

 tin of Edible Affirmations next to a stack of Christmas cookies
Edible Biscuit Advent Calendar - A delicious way to count down to Christmas!
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A festive still life with Jam Biscuits, a heart-shaped cookie, and a cup of tea, decorated with the words "Happy Father's Day Biscuits
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Lovely homemade biscuits, perfect for afternoon tea.
Boxes labelled 'The Biskery' and 'Love Every Bite' sit on a table, filled with Mother's Day gift biscuits.
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Valentine's Day Biscuits: a heart-shaped treat with jam and a festive message.
There are Assortment of delicious Valentine's Day biscuits decorated with hearts in the box
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A plate of Jam Biscuits, a heart-shaped cookie, and a cup of tea, decorated with "Happy Father's Day"
Best Dad Biscuits ion the box
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A close-up photo of handmade biscuits that spell out "BEST MUM," "LOVE YOU," and "GREAT TASTE 2023" on a white towel
am biscuits for Mother's Day with signs saying 'Best Mum' and 'Love You'.
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Valentine's Day bouquet of heart-shaped cookies with messages of love
A delightful box of heart-shaped Valentine's Day biscuits, decorated with colourful fondant, is presented in the charming letterbox gift.
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A box of Personalised Easter biscuits with the text "Happy Easter " written on them. The box is sitting on a table.
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Easter Biscuits

Int Women's Day Themed Jam Biscuits
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Sweet and decadent Giant Heart Biscuit for Dad with jam filling for Father's day
Giant Heart Biscuit for Dad
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Close-up photo of a heart-shaped sugar cookie with  jam
A box of heart-shaped BISCUITS with A JAM filling, next to a bouquet of flowers.
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