Zoe Hands from the Marriott Hotel in Leeds ordered some branded biscuits from us for her hotel's event. 

She was so happy with them that she went to LinkedIn and posted the following update on her profile:

❤️ Love Love Love these branded biscuits from The Biskery ! ❤️
A huge shout out to Saskia Roskam 🍪 and Lisa Shepherd 🍪
Here is some information about this company 👇👇👇👇👇👇

🥰Leeds Marriott Hotel would highly recommend 😊😊😊😊

Part of the reason she is such a proud customer is due to the values that we as a business place on sustainability.

Here are five things we do at The Biskery to protect our planet every day, not just for Earth Day

🌳 We provide compostable and recyclable packaging with all our orders.
All our biscuits come individually wrapped in bags made from wood pulp by a company called Eco Craft. Our biscuit boxes are made from recycled materials, and are recyclable.

🌳 Your order is always baked freshly. We create next to no food waste. There are no stale biscuits on a shelf that need shifting. We bake to order, and only bake what is needed, which creates no surplus or waste.

🌳 We use Octopus Energy as our energy provider, supplying us with 100% green energy. We also opted for energy efficient machines.

🌳 We are not palm-oil free, but the palm-oil that is necessary in some of our ingredients is certified sustainably sourced.

🌳 We separate our waste and recycle. At this stage this means a weekly run to the bottle bank for me to dispose of our jam jars, but it's these little things that make a difference.

Doing these things is not always cost-effective or time saving.
But it makes us proud of what we are building. And it gives you peace of mind.
Every order is supporting a company that is doing their bit to offer a meaningful gifting solution you can buy with a clean conscience 🍪🍪🍪

Written by Saskia Roskam

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