If you like our biscuits and our business, but have no need for biscuits right now? Then there are still lots of different ways in which you can support us that do not cost a single penny.

We have listed a few of them here. And don't forget, these ideas work for all small businesses that you would like to support!

co-founders Saskia and Lisa outside of The Biskery

✅ Introduce us to someone who needs to know about our biscuits and services.

✅ Leave us a review here, here or here.

✅ Invite us to your podcast or introduce us to someone whose podcast we should be on to share our story and mission.

✅ Invite us to your event as speakers about bootstrapping a purpose-led business as mothers.

✅ Write a blog post on your website about how our biscuits enhanced your event/how our business inspired you/what you have learned from us, and link to www.thebiskery.com (we can also help you write it!).

✅ Engage with our social posts.

✅ Post about us on LinkedIn or other social media channels (happy to provide biscuits as “models” for the post image!)

✅ Leave a recommendation on our personal LinkedIn pages (Saskia & Lisa)

✅ Talk to people about us.

✅ Send someone a free Thank You biscuits to spread the word about our biscuits.

✅ Offer us a barter deal!

There are bound to be more ways to support small business that do not cost a penny. Drop your ideas in the comments below 👇🏽

Written by Olga Ieromenko

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