We get this a lot: “I love what you guys do, but I have no occasion/reason to buy biscuits.”

We get it! So let's revisit the main reasons why people order from us, and talk more about how you can benefit from ordering branded or personalised biscuits. 

The top reasons why people order branded biscuits from us:

✅ Corporate events (check out our live biscuit printing service as well!)

✅ Launches/ anniversaries/ hitting a milestones/ making a special announcements

✅ Client or staff gifts

✅ Sustainable promotional goods in showrooms, hotels, or at conferences

✅ Onboarding gifts (new starters, new clients)

✅ Prospect boxes (to send as conversation starters)

✅ To make a statement (International Women’s Day biscuits, Pride Month, Black History Month, etc.).


The top reasons why people order personalised biscuits from us:

 Occasion like a special birthday or anniversary

 Wedding favours or gifts

 To make an announcement (gender reveal biscuits)

 Baby showers/ hen dos/ birthday parties

 Gifts to mark religious ceremonies (Christmas, Easter, Bar/Bat Mitzva, Eid, Diwali)

 Send a gift for the person who has everything

 To say "Thank You" in the sweetest way


How you can support us beyond that:

 Get a Thank You subscription and have access to a bank of our signature and award-winning Thank You biscuits to send to anyone in the UK on demand with a few simple clicks

 Sign up to our newsletter and let us inspire you with seasonal gift ideas (and discounts!), and reply to it letting us know what you liked

 Speak to us about collaborations! Whether it’s a giveaway on Instagram, a product launch we could support you on in exchange for exposure, or biscuit boxes in return for a newsletter feature, we are open to any form of win-win deal!

 Get a gift voucher for our biscuits or workshops if you feel a bit stuck for ideas, and let the recipient choose!


We hope this gave you some ideas of how you can continue to root for us in ways that could have a huge impact on us!

If you need any more information please do not hesitate to reach out to us via enquiries@thebiskery.com.

Written by Saskia Roskam

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