Business sounding board Phil Fraser came to us as he wanted to give away some biscuits at a network event he was attending. 

He ordered some 130 biscuits branded with his podcast logo to give away to attendees at Graham Shiers' Business Catalyst Club networking event to promote his Leeds Business Podcast.


He then asked the attendees to post selfies of themselves with the biscuits on LinkedIn.

These biscuits travelled far - both offline on trains to London and online on LinkedIn and other social media channels. A true showcase of what a great tool branded biscuits are in building brand awareness.

Phil had a few spare biscuits after the event so he's gone old school by sending potential podcast guests a letter with a couple of biscuits in, to try and grab their attention to come for a chat on his show. Which has already paid off in 100% response rate!

Leeds Business Podcast Branded biscuits

If you are interested in using biscuits as a marketing tool. Then email to talk through your needs and ideas.

Written by Saskia Roskam

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