The Biskery is launching a biscuit fragrance!
The Biskery plans to revolutionise the way you experience that warming and comforting, fresh-from-the-oven baking smell... without the need to bake.
Introducing NOM – the home fragrance spray that captures the comforting smell of The Biskery's most beloved biscuits. Think buttery biscuits, crumbly goodness, and a hint of vanilla that melts away all stress: NOM! 
Why You Need This In Your Life
  • Instant Gratification: Skip the mixing, rolling and baking. Get that cosy kitchen aroma in one spritz!
  • Guilt-free Enjoyment: Enjoy the scent of freshly baked biscuits without the temptation to eat any!
  • Hosting Bliss: Studies show* that the smell of baked goods inspires socialising, making people feel more inclined to invite family or friends over.
What Our Beta-Testers Are Saying
  • "This spray brings the memories of my childhood back in an instant" - Jim B.
  • "My dog thinks I've opened a secret biscuit stash. It's hilarious." - Karen L.
  • "Perfect for when guests come around. I can't get enough!" - Sarah M.
Get Yours Before They're Gone!

NOM's official launch is April 15, but today we are giving away 100 bottles for free! 

Get your free bottle here, today only! 👉🏽 


Written by Saskia Roskam

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