How do we manage our newsletter campaign communications about seasonal products, so that they are relevant and not triggering to our audience?

We think that yearly opt-out emails for say mother'sfather's day can cause as many triggers as they try to avoid. Also, Christmas is not relevant to everyone. And the list goes on...

personalised jam biscuits

It is great that businesses acknowledged that not every occasion is for everyone. And that their customers are now asked about their preferences. But coming back every year about every occasion can be just as triggering to your audience.

We want our subscribers to know that they can update their preferences at any time. The email focuses on all opt-out possibilities, rather than focusing on one particular occasion. This will hopefully make it a less 'heavy' subject for some.

Signature Thank you jam biscuit by The Biskery

Our lives change all the time. And giving people the awareness that they can change according to their current lived experience might be a slightly better way to do it...

Read the full newsletter here.

Written by Saskia Roskam

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