Branded gifts are on the rise. Office, HR and Marketing Managers are getting more and more creative, whilst looking for ethical and sustainable gifting solutions.

bespoke branded biscuits

Promotional biscuits are becoming the go to gifting solution, for many reasons.

We might be biased, but we truly think that branded biscuits are a fantastic idea to offer clients, employees, partners and the like a piece for your brand. And a delicious one as well!

With promotional biscuits, you can promote your company or organisation in a fun way. Every biscuit is topped with a full colour image of your logo. We print full-colour on edible icing, fondant or wafers.

We have listed the ten most common reasons why people order our promotional biscuits. This gives you an idea how versatile they are. And show how you could make them work at conferences, business seminars, trade shows and exhibitions.


10 reasons to opt for promotional biscuits

1. Promotional biscuits in the form of printed logo biscuits help getting your brand out there in a fun way for events, launches and celebrations.

2. QR code biscuits help you get people online after meeting them in person.

QR code biscuits

2. Bespoke biscuit boxes make lovely and eco-friendly client & staff gifts. Whilst subtly promotional with a little logo addition, or a branded card, the focus is here on the meaningful biscuit gift.

3. Personalised biscuits are guaranteed to bring smiles to people. Who doesn't like their name or face on a delicious biscuit?! Think outside the box. Yes, you want to promote yourself, but they are more likely to remember you if you provide them with a unique gift!

Branded biscuits

4. Nostalgic jam Thank You biscuits make people feel appreciated. The biscuits themselves are not promotional, but the packaging and added flyers/cards can be, for the occasions where you want to reign it back a little.

5. Hand-iced biscuits add a touch of luxury to your brand for those extra special occasions.

Hand iced biscuits made with a 3D printed cookie cutter

6. Our completely bespoke service enables you to get creative and create a unique gift. Your promotional biscuit might be in the shape of your mascot, your logo, feature your brand colours, values or hashtags.

7. All our biscuits are handmade by a small team of women. Supporting a small business says a lot about you as a person and business rep/owner. The person who will receive the promotional biscuit will be impressed with your choice of biscuit provider, and you can shop with a clean conscience.

The Biskery Team

8. Our biscuits show the recipient that you care and put thought into it, without costing the world. Our promotional biscuits start from as little as £1.69 per unit, which includes individual wrapping in transparent compostable bags with all ingredient and allergen information.

9. Our promotional biscuits won't offend anyone, are inclusive, and are a nice alternative to yet another branded water bottle, pen, fridge magnet, jojo, etc. that will eventually all end in landfill. 

    10. If you are thinking about providing your clients with a treat with our promotional biscuits, please contact us for a free quote from our friendly team.


    Treat your valued connections

    Branded biscuits are superb promotional products to be handed out at business events and conferences, or to send a special treat to your valued customers.

    If you don’t need any more convincing, you can order them via our web shop here.

    Promotional biscuits are sure to be a winning treat and give vital brand awareness, whilst having fun and being memorable.


    Written by Saskia Roskam

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