Supermarket Jammie Dodgers have long been a beloved classic, but when compared to our handmade personalised jam biscuits, they simply can't match the charm and customisation options.

In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of difference between these two types of jam biscuits.

Handmade jam biscuits


Craftsmanship: uniformity vs. artistic expression

Handmade personalised jam biscuits are crafted by our skilled bakers who pour their creativity and passion into each biscuit. They meticulously shape the dough and use special techniques to personalise each jam biscuit. This way every biscuit becomes a unique work of edible meaningful expression.

On the other hand, supermarket Jammie Dodgers are mass-produced, resulting in a uniform appearance. While their iconic heart-shaped design is instantly recognisable, the ability to customise or add a personal touch is nonexistent. The standardised production process ensures consistency, but lacks the artistic expression and individuality that handmade personalised jam biscuits offer.


Personalisation: from name to branding

The true magic of our personalised jam biscuits lies in their ability to be customised to suit any occasion or recipient. 

We can impress names, special messages, or even design intricate patterns and images such as logos by using bespoke cookie stamps. This way the biscuits become personalised gifts, party favours, or thoughtful tokens that add an extra layer of sentiment and thoughtfulness to any event.

Supermarket Jammie Dodgers, while yummy in their own right, do not offer any level of personalisation. Without customisation options, they cannot cater to specific occasions or allow for personal messages or designs. However, their iconic shape and taste can still evoke a sense of nostalgia and joy!


Bespoke jam biscuits for businesses


Ingredients: quality and taste

When it comes to ingredients, both supermarket Jammie Dodgers and handmade personalised jam biscuits have their distinct qualities. We prioritise using premium ingredients like real butter, locally sources eggs, high-quality flour, and natural flavourings.

These carefully selected ingredients contribute to a rich, buttery taste and a smooth texture that melts in your mouth. A fact also noticed by The Guild of Fine Food and that is why our biscuits have been given a Great Taste Award!

Supermarket Jammie Dodgers, although mass-produced, still aim to deliver a satisfying flavour experience. However, their ingredient selection may prioritise cost-effectiveness and shelf life over the use of premium or natural ingredients. The biscuit base and jam filling may not have the same depth of flavour as our handmade counterparts.


Taste: customisation and flavour profile

When it comes to taste, both options can be enjoyable, but handmade jam biscuits often offer a more nuanced flavour profile. The balance between the sweet, buttery biscuit and the burst of flavourful tangy red currant jelly is carefully crafted to create a truly harmonious taste experience. The option to customise flavours, such as choosing different types of jam or adding complementary ingredients, allows for a truly tailored taste sensation.

Supermarket Jammie Dodgers, while consistently tasty, may lack the same level of customisation in flavour. The predetermined combination of biscuit and jam offers a familiar and comforting taste, but the limited options for personalisation can make the flavour experience more standardised.

Rectangular jam biscuit

Handmade personalised jam biscuits stand out for their personal expression, customisation options, and specific shapes and sizes. They allow for a truly tailored experience that can make any occasion or recipient feel extra special. Supermarket Jammie Dodgers, on the other hand, while offering a classic taste and nostalgic charm, lack the same level of personalisation and customised designs.

Whether you're seeking a heartfelt gift or a unique treat for a special event, handmade jam biscuits provide a canvas for creative expression and flavour customisation. Their artisanal craftsmanship and individuality make the preferred choice for those looking to add a personal touch to their sweet indulgence.

Shop personalised biscuits for your next event in our shop.


Written by Saskia Roskam

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