Amidst a year of hard work, students are opening their GCSE Results on 24th of August. As envelopes are opened on GCSE results day 2023, a mix of excitement and disappointment fills the air. The WJEC Examination board emphasizes the need for calm, reminding students that numerous paths lie ahead, regardless of outcomes.

For those unsatisfied with their grades, the option to appeal exists. WJEC outlines the process: schools or colleges can initiate a 'Post Results Service' with the student's permission.

Three services are available:

  • Access to Scripts: WJEC offers electronic exam paper copies for transparency.
  • Review of Marking: WJEC ensures accurate assessment per the marking scheme.
  • Clerical Re-check: Marks' accuracy and inclusion are verified.

Well done to all students who opened GCSE results today! Whilst your loved ones reflect on their journey, consider treating them or fellow students to our 'Congratulations' bespoke biscuits. Just as each student's path is unique, so are our delicious creations – a fitting celebration for the many accomplishments that lie ahead beyond GCSEs results day. Remember, this is but one step in a grand adventure of growth and learning. 

Congrats biscuits gift from The Biskery with signing 'Congratulation' and 'Yay'

Written by Olga Ieromenko

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