We started The Biskery (known then as Bloom Bakers) in 2016. At the time we were mums to small children. Saskia's kids were two and five. And Lisa's daughter was 9-months old. A crazy period to start a business you might think. But really we didn't start a business. What we were in effect doing was making space for ourselves outside of motherhood.


Making space for the womanLisa and Saskia from The Biskery at one of their first market stalls in Leeds

You see, when you become a mother the woman you were needs to take less of a leading role. All of the sudden you become a primary care giver. Your world becomes smaller. Your needs and wants go on the back burner. Your relationship to work changes. You start to reassess your values and your next moves.

But that woman you once were doesn't completely go anyway. Her wants do rise up. And in our case, those wants rose to the surface and we listened by claiming some time back for her. Our monthly market stalls were a place for us to re-connect with that woman again.


Founded on purpose

Unbeknownst to us, were founding a business with that purpose. One that showcased working mums are a force to be reckoned with. Their time poor lives make them highly efficient. Their desire to contribute to the financial stability of their family make them extremely hard working.

We proudly work with a team of mostly working mums. And for a long time now we have wanted to do more. We have wanted to set up a community for working mums. Well, we're proud to say we have finally done it!!!

The Raising Agents a community for Working mums created by The Biskery
"The Raising Agents" is here to create a space:

❤️ to connect with like-minded people
❤️ to share resources
❤️ to learn and grow together
❤️ to be heard and seen
❤️ to lighten the load
❤️ to laugh
❤️ free of judgment
❤️ to practise more self-care and kindness to self
❤️ just for you

We have named it "The Raising Agents" because it is a community for women who raise:

👶🏾 Their child(ren)
✋🏽 Their hands
🗣️ Their voice
💡 Awareness

And we have so much exciting stuff lined up for this community we can barely hold it together!!

More about that soon - in the community.

So if you are a working mum, come join us.
Become a Raising Agent here.

We look forward to seeing and sharing with you over at The Raising Agents.


Lisa & Saskia

Written by Saskia Roskam

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