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We all love a birthday, but coming up with birthday gifts not so much! In times of minimalism and avoiding waste, gifting can be loaded topic. Luckily, there are gifts that tick all the boxes and will go down well every single time. The following post is a little homage to the humble biscuit. Because whilst we are biased, they do make the perfect gift for the person who has everything, and for the person who is just so bloomin’ hard to find a gift for.


Letterbox Birthday Gifts

Biscuits are fairly hardy and have a longer shelf life than cakes. This, plus our tried and tested packaging, allows us to send our birthday biscuits by post. They are delivered straight through the recipient’s letterbox on their special day. The lovely Kraft box protects them, and makes them a really luxurious gift. All biscuits are hand-made to order. We ask for 3-5 days from ordering to delivery, but you can also pre-order and have the birthday biscuits delivered on a certain date. Meaningful gifting has never been so easy!

Did you know? Postage is included in the price – no hidden costs! You may opt for Special Delivery for a surcharge, if you have left it a bit late… you won’t be the first!

Have birthday biscuits delivered straight to their door!

Personalised Birthday Gifts

Birthday biscuits by post

What is so special about these biscuits, I hear you ask. Well, there are many answers to this question, but the most pressing one is that you can personalise them. The recipient will see their own name on a biscuit. They will see that you thought of them, went through the process of not only thinking of them, but also took action, and ordered them a box of biscuits that was hand-made to order, just for them. It doesn’t get more special than that.

Who doesn’t like a personalised product! Their name on a delicious happy birthday biscuit is guaranteed to make them smile on their big day.

Did you know? Apart from personalising the biscuits, you can also add a beautiful gift note to each box of birthday biscuits, at no extra cost! Saves you money on getting that birthday card.

If you are looking for something a bit more bespoke, have a look at our dedicated personalised biscuit page here.


Birthday biscuits that deliver

Be kind jam biscuits bloom bakers

Another reason that makes our biscuits special, is that they are super delicious. We only use the best ingredients, like real British butter and free-range eggs in our biscuit dough. The jam we use has a natural tartness to it that slightly offsets the sweetness of the biscuit, and balances the flavours out perfectly. They are an experience. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the amazing feedback we are getting for them on review sites like Trustpilot!



Vegan Birthday Biscuits

Happy 60th birthday day dad biscuits


Having said “butter” and “egg” – we can easily make larger orders vegan. And the best part: they are just as delicious! We use a plant-based spread that is made with sustainably sourced palm oil. All our biscuits are vegetarian and alcohol-free.

Thank you to the wonderful ladies at The Biskery who created these delicious giant jammie dodgers. We even had some vegan ones where we had to double check they were vegan because they tasted so good…

We can make them gluten-free, too. It is just gluten-free AND vegan we haven’t nailed yet. Bear with us while we work on that.


Biscuits are kind to our planet

We are committed to avoiding waste where we can. Our packaging is recyclable or compostable. We re-use delivery boxes for bigger orders.

Stacked biscuit boxes for Bupa order

Biscuits with heart

Our signature birthday biscuit boxes are £22.50. Each box contains 6 large personalised jam sandwich biscuits and a gift note. The centre of each biscuit has a heart-shaped cutout that puts on display the redcurrant jelly that is sandwiched between two rich butter biscuits. Postage is included in the price.

Whilst that might be a lot more than a shop bought pack of Jammie Dodgers, personalised biscuit gift boxes make a meaningful gift. 


Biscuits don’t last

Happy second birthday biscuit

While our biscuits will stay fresh for up to 10 weeks from the delivery date, we doubt they will last that long. In times of Marie Condo and minimalism, many people will appreciate the fact that birthday biscuits won’t clutter their homes. The recipient can enjoy their gift on their special day (save a few for later), and then keep nothing but the memory. They will remember them, without having a lasting item on their shelf that will just collect dust.


Birthday Gift Subscription

Biscuits are timeless and a great gift for anyone, regardless of their age, gender or interests.

Happy 70th birthday biscuits Bloom Bakers

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Written by Saskia Roskam

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