It’s been a long 14 months, and whilst there have been grave losses, we wish to recognise that as we move out of lockdown, there is a lot still to be thankful for. That is why every Tuesday we offer free Thank You jam biscuits that you can send to a loved one completely free of charge!


If we have learned one thing in the last year it is there’s always a reason to be thankful. Thankful for our family, friends near and far, for a paycheck, for a kind neighbour when our friends and family were so far away all of the sudden.
Thank you biscuits from Bloom Bakers

With #gratitudesday we want to help reconnect those bonds that have been stretched by absence and nurture the new relationships that were found in our local communities. Saying Thank You is a wonderful way of expressing gratitude and appreciation for what someone has done for or given to you. And we, the two women behind The Biskery, want to help you say it in the sweetest way. 

“We personally have so much to be grateful for. Last year we were completely ready to surrender to closing up shop, and preparing to rebuild our business from what we thought was to be an onslaught. But instead, the orders for personalised jam biscuits came flooding in, and we were so thankful for each and every person who purchased from us.”

Kindness biscuits

#Gratitudesday is also a natural continuation of the kindness biscuits that we introduced at the start of the first lockdown. Co-founder Lisa Shepherd: “Sending out our kindness biscuits by the hundreds last year has done us so much good. In a time where we couldn’t be of help in any tangible way, we knew we could, at the very least, spread some kindness in the form of free biscuits.”

The response to our kindness biscuits was overwhelming. We received heart warming messages from both customers and recipients of the biscuits alike. Who knew that a biscuit with the words Hugs & Kisses, Stay Safe or Thinking of You, could move people to tears!

Thinking of you jam sandwich biscuit made by Bloom Bakers
Thank you biscuits Bloom Bakers
After all those moving words of gratitude for what we started (and rekindled through the different lockdowns) we knew we wanted to continue this element of giving in some way or form in the future. That is why we brought to life #Gratitudesday.

How it works

Every Tuesday we give away a limited amount of their signature Thank You Jam Biscuits. They are limited to one free biscuit per person, and can include a gift note. Simply use code 100GRATITUDE in the checkout to claim your free biscuit.⁠

⁠Once the contingent of free biscuits is exhausted, you can buy one and have them sent to your loved one, at 40% off, using the discount code 40GRATITUDE.⁠

Written by Saskia Roskam

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