If you didn’t know already, The Biskery biscuits are proudly made in Yorkshire. And now we have ‘The Yorkshire Mark’ to showcase it loud and proud. The Yorkshire Mark is a provenance trademark for independent Yorkshire Food & Drink producers, champions and ambassadors.


Lisa and I are both ‘adopted’ Yorkshire lasses. Lisa hails from Germany and I am from The Netherlands. One thing that I noticed very early on was how proud and strong Yorkshire people are. I feel our German and Dutch heritage gel really well with the Yorkshire spirit.


Lisa and Saskia co-founders of Bloom Bakers

Down South

Most of our competitors are based down South. The same goes for our clients. Many of the businesses we bake for might not be aware that we are actually based up North. And for a product that easily ships all over the UK, it might not be very important or relevant to them.


Thank you jam biscuits in their letterbox friendly packaging


But for us it is. We are extremely proud to be a Yorkshire based business that supplies personalised and branded biscuits all over the UK. In fact, it is a big part of our story. Operating out of Leeds is very much part of The Biskery's identity. Mostly because community is very important to us. It is very much part of our mission to build The Biskery into a business that people can identify as being Yorkshire based. And The Yorkshire Mark will help us in making this an even more prominent part of our story.

There are many more great Yorkshire businesses that carry The Yorkshire Mark. You can check them out here!

Written by Saskia Roskam

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