A bit of romance shouldn’t leave a hole in your pocket. So we thought that we’d suggest 10 great things to do together this Valentine’s Day that don’t cost much.


1. Play tourist for a day

Exploring the city (source: Canva picture)

Get up and drive to the nearest city to you and have a ‘city break’. No need to go to Barcelona, Rome or Berlin. We have wonderful cities here in the UK that are worth exploring. And when you are with your love, roaming the streets of even the most obscure of cities becomes a great experience. Hunting for nice boutique cafes or rummaging through old vinyl records in a record shop ought to be good enough to create some wonderful memories!


2. Book a online cooking class

There is something quite satisfying about cooking a meal together. And there are so many ways to follow recipes together. YouTube has plenty of ‘how to…’ cook classes to choose from and the New York Times has a great selection of videos that you can choose and learn from. Or sign up to the Online Cooking School and enjoy a free subscription for two weeks!


3. Volunteer together

This might seem like an odd one. But if Monday is your working day it might be an idea for both of you to ask your employer if you can have a volunteering day. Many companies offer these and volunteering together on Valentine’s Day to support those less fortunate than you, is a great way to proactively share your love and good will with others. We bet it’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside after a day of meaningful work together.


4. Send love notes

Write messages of love in peanut butter

We have all heard this before: It’s the little things in life that matter the most. Well if you are going to work and time is sparse this Valentine’s Day, then leaving little love notes for your partner to find throughout the day is a small gesture with a huge impact! 

Write something in the (peanut)butter tub before going to bed, so that your love can find it in the morning. Or leave a small note in their coat pocket that they will find as they take their keys out when leaving for work. Place a note on the dashboard of their car or inside the flap of their phone. 

You get the idea, be creative and surprise them all throughout the day. There is no harm at all if they miss one and find it a few days or even weeks later. The surprise will still work!


5. Bake a sweet treat for your love

My Valentine I love you biscuits by Bloom Bakers

Sweet treats can be made well in advance. So you can get all the prep work out of the way and simply enjoy the treat together. Whether you bake biscuits or showstopper cakes, be sure to let your partner’s taste buds guide your recipe choice. The 14th of Feb is all about being selfless. So if he or she enjoys chocolate, but you don’t so much, then make a chocolaty treat to fully showcase you want to make them happy today. Or if you are not a great baker, then why not order some delicious biscuits to be posted to them. Leaving you more time to do the things you love together!


6. Host a movie night

Boom. Get cosy, get comfy. Bring in the popcorn, bubbly if you fancy and some chocolates. And be prepared to spend a couple of hours with your love on the sofa. Because, let’s face it you will probably have to watch two films as the chances of both of you agreeing on a film is slim! The best solution is sometimes to have a movie marathon!


7. Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed (source: Canva picture)

An oldie but goodie. Making your partner breakfast in bed sets the tone for the day in the most positive of notes. If you’ve been together for a while you’ll know what they’ll appreciate. If it’s a blossoming relationship then make sure to ask some breakfast related questions in the lead up to the big day!


8. Gazing at the stars

Star gazing is free! If you live in a city and it’s rare for you to see the night’s sparkles then this is a real treat. Hop in the car with your love and drive well out of town away from anything that lights up. You want to be in a rural part without houses and street lighting. Park up the car, wrapp up well and step out and sit on the bonnet of your car and marvel at the night sky together. An amazing way to make memories. All you need to do before Valentine’s Day is cross your fingers for clear skies. Because clouds will throw a spanner in the works.


9. Take them back to an old date spot

Can it get any more romantic than this? A nice walk down memory lane by taking them to an old date spot that is fondly remembered by the both of you. Maybe the place where you shared your first kiss.Where you had your first date. Where you/they proposed? Few things are as powerful as memories attached to positive emotions! So make a plan. Where oh where to take your partner for a trip down memory lane…


10. Spend an afternoon at a museum

There are plenty of musea scattered all over the country that are free to enter. Make the most of these places! And treat yourselves to some hot chocolate and slice of cake after all the perusing of the galleries and exhibitions.

Written by Saskia Roskam

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