About this time last year, Francesca Wynn of Network Inspired tagged me in a post on Facebook. The post was from She Rises Studios, a women empowerment group based in the US. They were looking for co-authors for their “Becoming An Unstoppable Woman” book series. I applied.


Becoming a co-author

I have always loved writing. In my university degree a big focus was on writing, especially writing with the target group in mind. During my travels, I wrote a blog which my family and friends adored. Since having kids, I don’t write so much anymore, but one of my big goals is to publish a book one day.

When the opportunity presented itself to me to become a co-author, I felt it was a sign. Hanna and Adriana, the founders of She Rises Studios, accepted my application. I was going to be one of 26 women to write one chapter of the book titled “Becoming An Unstoppable Woman Entrepreneur”.

Just like I cringed for a good while after getting married and people referring to me as the “wife” of someone, I still sometimes cringe at when I refer to myself as an “entrepreneur”. Part of it is the imposter. Part of it is my soul still catching up with the huge growth and changes The Biskery has seen over the past year.

Unstopable Woman Entrepreneur co-author Lisa Shepherd

My story

Part of the book deal was the freedom to write about my story of entrepreneurship, with the target audience in mind. The book will most likely be of interest to women in business, or women who are thinking about starting a business. The founders of She Rises Studios encouraged us to share tips and advice.

There are so many storylines to The Biskery that I could have pursued. The fact that both Saskia and I were not born in the UK, not have a background in business, but started a business here in Leeds. The fact that we started it during the busiest times of our lives, as mothers of young children, and how we coped with that. The fact that the pandemic made our business in a way, as something had to change in the endless juggle of part-time work, home-schooling, and running a business. The fact that we use my German grandma’s recipes in so many of our products, which makes them a bit different, but not too alien.

I settled on the most important story of all. The story of how I nearly lost myself, but how in nearly losing myself, I found myself.

How to order your copy

How to order

If you are intrigued by my story, you can purchase the e-book on Amazon via the link below. There is a huge promotion on during the first week of the launch, make sure you make use of that. The print version is launching February 1st.

I do hope that my chapter will inspire others, and feel less alone with the challenges that many female business owners (especially mothers!) face.

Please drop me a line and let me know how you found it!


Lots of love,


Written by Saskia Roskam

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