With Father's Day just around the corner, it's time to consider how to shower our beloved dads, grandads, stepdads and father figures with love and appreciation. And why not go the extra mile this year and give them a gift that not only makes them smile but also makes Mama Earth happy?

Darrell and Tumisa

We find that celebrating Fathers with eco-conscious gifts, that leave a positive impact on our planet, makes sense. So we started a list of some of the most thoughtful and eco-friendly gift ideas to make your dad's day extra special!

Sustainable Grooming Products

If your dad like his grooming routine, then why not gift himh sustainable grooming goodies! We're talking about organic products and ethically sourced ingredients, minimal packaging, and refillable options. Imagine your dad shaving with an eco-friendly razor and lathering up with a natural shaving cream. And don't forget the bamboo toothbrush and recyclable deodorant to keep him smelling fresh all day long! These gifts not only make him look dashing but also help save the planet one grooming session at a time.

Reusable Water Bottles and Coffee Cups

Is dad a hydration warrior or does he enjoy his daily dose of Java? Then reusable water bottles and coffee cups are the way to go! Picture him sipping his favourite brew from a stylish bamboo or recycled plastic coffee cup. And with a durable stainless steel or glass water bottle, he'll always have his H2O game on point. With no more plastic waste from disposable cups or bottles, it's a win-win for Dad and Mother Earth!

Sustainable biscuits

Gift dad the most delicious of Father's Day biscuits! Perfect for dunking in his tea of coffee. At The Biskery we take great care to thread lightly on the planet. This means that we only bake in small batches and only to order. This way we make sure we have little to no waste. The biscuits come in beautiful letterbox friendly packaging that will surely make your dad feel very special. And what's more the packaging is not only entirely recyclable it is also made from recycled materials.

Happy Father's Day jam biscuits from The Biskery

Eco-Friendly Apparel

Let's give your dad's wardrobe an eco-conscious makeover! Seek out brands that value organic or recycled materials, fair trade practices, and sustainable manufacturing processes. Think organic cotton shirts that feel heavenly against his skin or bamboo socks that keep his feet comfy and cosy. And how about a snazzy jacket made from recycled polyester? These sustainable fashion choices will make him look like a million bucks while doing good for the planet. 

Gardening Supplies

If your dad has a green fingers, it's time to nurture his love for plants while supporting the environment. Surprise him with organic seeds, a composting kit, or biodegradable plant pots. He'll be thrilled to grow his own herbs or veggies right in the back garden! This thoughtful gift not only lets him bond with nature, but also encourages sustainable gardening practices. Go ahead and make his green dreams come true!

Solar-Powered Gadgets

Is your (gran)dad a tech-savvy adventurer? Well, we've got the perfect gift idea for him! How about solar-powered gadgets that harness the mighty sun? From phone chargers and Bluetooth speakers to outdoor solar lights, these gifts will keep his devices juiced up while reducing energy consumption. It's like having a power outlet that never runs out of juice. Dad will be impressed by the renewable energy magic!

DIY Upcycled Gifts

Let your creativity shine and create a personalised gift for your dad with some crafty upcycling. Transform old wine corks into a cool keyring, give wooden pallets new life as a stylish photo frame, or make a homemade candle using leftover wax. These unique and heartfelt gifts showcase your thoughtfulness while inspiring your dad to embrace the art of reusing and repurposing. It's a win for creativity and a win for the environment!

This Father's Day, let's show our dads some love without it putting pressure on the earth. At The Biskery, we're all about celebrating in style with eco-friendly gifts that make a positive impact. Whether it's sustainable grooming products, sustainably made biscuits, reusable gear, gardening supplies, solar-powered gadgets, or personalised upcycled creations.

Written by Saskia Roskam

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