Don’t dream your life, live your dream! This is exactly what we have been doing and we can more than ever vouch for living your dreams. Because it has gotten us to this mile stone: becoming the main supplier of biscuits and cakes to Hessian Café in Oakwood, Leeds!

Look out for Hessian Cafe in Oakwood (Leeds)


Ever since we met at work almost 4 years ago we have been dreaming about starting a little bakery. We dreamt while writing emails to and from. Over coffee, etc. And then we bit the bullet and did it.

For our launch day we baked copious amounts of biscuits and apple pies. And we mean copious! How optimistic were we… Our partners watched us slave over the whole baking process that seemed to last for hours and hours if not days and days. We had flour and biscuit bags spread out all over the house. We sold some (many to friends) and truth be told, lots of them we had to give away. But we have become pretty efficient in the meantime. We honed and honed the baking processes until we got it just right. And we now understand the demand for our products and cater to it perfectly.

A car full of produce!

The point we are trying to make is, that this is how we launched Bloom Bakers one year ago. With positivity, grit, determination, tenacity but most of all with a shared dream. Our little Germanic dream. We had somewhat of a business plan. We wanted to set up our own little café. But beyond that we had no idea really.

Little by little that idea of an actual café disappeared. People came to us with all these wonderful suggestions and more and more we were drawn to the idea of supplying others with our baked treats.


And here we are one year after the 26 March 2016 launch date of Bloom Bakers with our first major supplier deal!! Hessian is taking from us a selection of our biscuits and cakes on a weekly basis. On the menu you will find our popular speculoos biscuits, our cinnamon swirl biscuits, our cherry pie, lemon polenta mini bundt cakes, carrot cake, Dutch unbaked cheesecake, and a variety of ever-changing specials.


Please do make your way over to Hessian. Will, the owner, has created a gem of a place which we know you guys will love. We know we will be hanging out there whilst musing over our future dreams. It would be lovely to see you all there and share a cup of coffee and a slice of our lovingly made cakes.

Lisa & Saskia

Written by Saskia Roskam

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