The more we explore Leeds and Yorkshire, the more we discover home away from home treats. We haven’t come across anyone selling the Dutch apple pies and German biscuits we do, but there are a number of excellent businesses out there that also focus on Germanic treats (excluding British bakes of course as the list would then be endless). We have short-listed a few and hope to inspire you to give their products a go!


"Germanic treats at its best"

A Yorkshire institution. This has to be one of the best-known tearooms in Yorkshire, the UK and even the world. Bettys was founded in 1919 by Swiss baker Frederick Belmont and has over the years opened six tea rooms in Yorkshire. You can enjoy their delicious and immaculate products in Harrogate, York (2), Ilkley, Northallerton and Harlow Carr. Bettys brings traditional Swiss treats and meals to Yorkshire, which makes it an even better place we believe! We are a fan of their tasty Continental bread, Röstis and crunchy Florentines!

Dutch House Yorkshire

"Dutch treats in the heart of Yorkshire"

We have only heard about this recently and it has been high on our list ever since, but we simply haven’t made it there yet with our wild crowd of kids. Judging from their website and social media it is well worth a visit: not only do they offer traditional Dutch pancakes and Poffertjes (special Dutch mini pancakes) in a lovely setting, they also have a store where you can buy Dutch treats such as liquorice, Stroopwafels, Hagelslag, Speculaas, Schenkstroop, Appelstroop, Hollandse snoep…

Sounds like a wonderful day trip out and we will be there soon to savour and enjoy some true Dutch treats in the heart of Yorkshire!

Leeds Bread Coop

"Continental bread takes over Leeds"

These guys have created something amazing that Leeds has been waiting for! Delicious continental bread with a focus on sourdough, slowly fermented breads, Leeds Bread Coop products are available as subscriptions as well as all over independent stores and markets in Leeds. We are huge fans of their authentic German Vollkornbrot (wholemeal bread) as it is a true taste of home. The ultimate comfort food! Apart from freshly baked bread, Leeds Bread Coop offers bread making classes and we’ll be in there as soon as new dates are released.


"Scandinavian food enchants Harrogate"

Owner Paul Rawlinson has been inspired by his Norwegian grandma to deliver Scandinavian style comfort food to his customers at Baltzersens café in Harrogate. Together with his team of enthusiastic foodies he serves up Germanic treats like cinnamon buns, Skolebrød and Peppernøtter (pepper nuts), traditionally a German biscuit that is eaten at Christmas time in the Nordic countries. Delicious lunches like Gravlaks and Koldtbords, buffet style meals consisting of different platters of cold meat, fish and cheeses that are also known to Germany and the Netherlands, round up his menu.

We couldn’t resist their waffles when we visited!

Leeds Christmas Market

"German tradition goes international"

For years major UK cities have been organising German Christmas Markets to make rainy winters a little bit more bearable. This year Leeds will be celebrating the 15th Christkindelmarkt in the heart of the city. How authentic it is is up for discussion, but you will find the odd stall that sells traditional German treats, such as Christmas biscuits and ginger bread. Try the Dampfnudel or Brezel if you still have space after the obligatory German sausage! There is usually a stall selling Dutch Poffertjes, too.

We hope we inspired you to try some of the amazing Germanic products you can get at your door step. Can you think of any more Yorkshire businesses that sell Germanic treats?

Written by Saskia Roskam

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