There is a world of biscuits our there for you to choose from. Today we wanted to give you some guidance into what corner of the biscuit market we operate in. And why you might want to choose The Biskery to bake your personalised and branded biscuits.

Impressed biscuits being baked in The Biskery

When we started our business back in 2016 we baked cakes, pies, biscuits and the occasional brownie. But as the years passed we found that our true love was in the biscuit space.

And that is why in 2019 we decided to wholly focus on biscuits; in particular we chose to specialise in personalised and branded biscuits.

Our portfolio of biscuit products today consists of:

✅️ Impressed jam biscuits with (brand) names, (brand) messages, shapes, etc.
✅️ Printing full-colour edible artwork (logos, photos, text, etc) onto our biscuits.
️✅ Creating biscuits in bespoke sizes and/or shapes. (With the help of our 3D printer we can create bespoke cookie stamps of your logos to impress them into dough or fondant making unique personalised biscuits for businesses.)
️✅ Hand-icing bespoke designs onto biscuits with royal icing.️

✅ Travelling with brands all over the UK to help them connect to their customers by live printing biscuits on site for them!

Co-founder Lisa and Saskia outside of The Biskery 



😎 Our mission is to spread kindness and connectivity between people one biscuit at a time.

Branded biscuits for the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park concert



🏦 Businesses who order biscuits for events, employee gifts, PR mailers, client gifting and communication.
👫 Private people who are looking for edible birthday, anniversary, thank you biscuits gifts for friends and family members.

Jam impressed branded biscuits made for Scamp and Dude laid out on the table


✔️By offering a friendly and truly personalised service to fully develop a great biscuit design for your needs.

✔️ Posting our biscuits all over the UK and beyond from our Leeds-based commercial kitchen.
✔️ All biscuits are made by hand to order only!
✔️ Working as a team of 7 (mostly mums)
✔️ Choosing to grant school working hours requests as standard.

If the above sounds like anything you might benefit from, then do not hesitate to contact us today!

Written by Saskia Roskam

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