My mother is the inspiration behind our Apple & Beetroot Pie. People who know me will know that my father is Dutch and my mother is Cameroonian. Yet for this Dutch apple pie recipe, the inspiration comes from my mother.

Bloom Bakers' Apple & Beetroot Pie

Beetroot & apple compote

Growing up I remember her beetroot and apple compote so so well. It was smooth, velvety, lush and oh so sweet! I always thought that this was a staple in everyone’s household in the Netherlands. I thought this up until the moment I put her combination in an apple pie.

Beetroot and Apple pie

Apple and beetroot were such happy companions all throughout my youth that I wondered if they would work together encased in a pie as well? And guess what they do!!!

My Dutch friends who tried the pie are all equally as surprised about the combination as my English friends. That is the moment I understood that really, my mum made this in order for her kids to eat beetroot! It was her solution to make beetroot taste good to kids with food fright.

Customer feedback at the market,

When people sample it at the market they are so surprised to hear that this pie, with its bright red interior, is made using beetroot. They usually think the red colour comes from red berries. (I think that is the reason people dare to try it.) It is also surprisingly our best selling apple pie to date. People are really taken aback at how good the combination works. Even people who do not generally like beetroot say it works.

When you are next on the market make sure to come and try a slice and let us know what you think of the combination

Ps. Because the filling of this pie is so velvety we nick-named it: Red Velvet Apple Pie.

Thank you mama for inspiring me to make this!

Written by Saskia Roskam

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