Looking for a beautiful birthday or wedding gift? Look no further as we have teamed up with the gorgeous Cotton Bird who illustrate and print premium stationery and decorations.
Through our exclusive partnership, you can now buy some of our delicious biscuits and store them in one of Cotton Birds' beautiful personalised boxes, at a discounted price!

Why a partnership?

Back in January 2023 we contacted Cotton Bird, expressing our fondness for their beautifully designed stationery and decorations.
We felt a great synergy between our brands. Here at The Biskery we spread kindness in biscuits form and Cotton Bird connects people by designing stationery to support their happiest of days. On top of that, both companies are committed to sustainability and offering a made to order service. As such, we felt it was a perfect partnership.

A little bit about Cotton Bird

Founded in the south of France in 2011, their workshop has developed exceptional expertise in illustrating and printing premium stationery and decorations. Their purpose is to celebrate the happiest times in life with unique, stylish, customisable and 100% French-made designs.
Their  wedding range has everything you need to make the big day unforgettable: invitations and other matching stationery, decorations for your reception venue and tables, thank you cards and favours for your guests, and more.
Their birthday range boasts a vast choice of stationery, decorative items, placemats and souvenir gifts to give your child their dream birthday party. 
Constantly brimming with ideas, our talented design studio loves updating trends with new inspirations, bringing you unusual, appealing designs in collections updated every season.

How we work together

Once you've bought our delicious birthday or wedding biscuits, we'll send you a unique link which will give you 20% discount when purchasing Cotton Birds wedding or birthday biscuit boxes or stationery.
Check out Cotton Bird.
Written by Saskia Roskam

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