We are thrilled to announce that our signature Jam Biscuits have received a Great Taste Award by the Guild of Fine Food! This is a huge deal for us and our customers. 

The Biskery's signature jam biscuits lay out against a blue backdrop

We’re extremely passionate about creating delicious and high-quality biscuits that our customers will love. Many brands out there focus primarily on their biscuits looking good. We think there is no point in being in the food industry if the product first and foremost doesn't taste great! 

Being one of the only personalised biscuit business in the UK to have been given not one, but two The Great Taste Awards awards now (our Lebkuchen also received one in 2020), shows that we are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to taste. 

The Biskery's Signature jam biscuits to celebrate happy birthday against a pink backdrop

What the judges had to say about it:

"These lovely looking biscuits have the muted crunch expected. We love the vanilla aromas of the biscuit. The flavour of the biscuit itself is delicious and complemented by the tart and fruity jam. It's full of flavour and not too sweet. We would just like to see a bit more jam in between the biscuit layers."

"Lovely looking, very clean and crisp biscuits, with a defined pattern. It's a lovely concept, with some originality; the texture is lovely and crumbly, but with good definition. The unique branding is very clever, and a great point of difference. The consistency is good, the pronounced vanilla easily balances the sweetness of the crumbly biscuit. The tart jam is a good foil, with a gentle streak of sharpness. This brings a smile to people's faces, with its bespoke messaging. These biscuits have a lovely nostalgic look, reminiscent of children's birthday parties."

What makes a Great Taste Award so Special?

The Great Taste Wards is one of the most prestigious food awards in the UK. It’s awarded to products that have been blind-tasted and scored by a panel of independent experts. The award is a guarantee of quality and taste, and it’s a valuable endorsement for any food product.

A Great Taste Award can help customers like yourself in their purchase decision making process in a number of ways. As it is a sign that the product has been independently judged and awarded a high score for taste. This can be a valuable reassurance for customers who are looking for a delicious and high-quality product. 

How do we use the Great Taste Award?

We’re committed to continuing to make delicious and high-quality (personalised) biscuits that you will love. And this valuable endorsement of our biscuits is one that we will continue to showcase in order to educate people that, when they buy from The Biskery, they buy as much for looks as for taste! 

Written by Saskia Roskam

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