It’s been a pretty tumultuous 2016 when it came to world developments. Quite frankly, most of the world news was very hard to swallow this year. But, we hope we have been able to offset some of that bitterness with our sweet treats that are a hell of a lot more palatable. Here is to our highlights of 2016!

Year in review

What a year it has been for us and our little venture. The dipping of our toes into the baking world was quite a leap of faith. But we watched in wonder as people tasted and enjoyed what we so lovingly created in our home kitchens. Your reception of our products leaves us humbled and amazed.

We have gone from strength to strength in ways that we could have never imagined at the start of the year. We baked bespoke biscuits for many occasions (graduations, birthday, new babies, weddings, etc.) We fulfilled large corporate orders and have had exciting talks with retailers about our products.

Year in view

Winter might be upon us, but we are already thinking about spring and the new ingredients (products) that come with the blooming of nature. We hope you stay with us to see what we have in store for 2017. Our aim is to make it an even better and tastier year than the one that is coming to an end.

We will leave you with some of our biggest achievements and highlights from 2016:

Our first market

Just thinking about it still thrills us! We had no idea what we were starting. But boy were we excited to have you guys taste our products, see our packaging and give us feedback.

Frontpage of the Yorkshire Evening Post

What can happen when you send someone some samples of your products! We were hoping for a Tweet from their Twitter account. What we got was a phone call to organise an interview. The result was a lovely write up and our faces on the front page!!

113 Christmas Hampers

Fortune favours the brave. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Such clichés. So true none the less. We went and dared. Offered what we didn’t know we could achieve and we delivered fully on our promise. We are so, so proud of this order.

The first time someone found us online!

I am not sure if you know, but we are digital marketers in our day jobs. We make sure other peoples are found online. So when we got our first order from a stranger who found us online we were pretty chuffed! All our hard work paid off and keep paying off.

First published recipe

Happy New Year!


Lisa & Saskia

Written by Saskia Roskam

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