For well over 3 years, we sent out our signature personalised jam sandwich biscuits in fairly rustic Kraft boxes with our branded yellow ribbon. They served us well, but truth be told, they were not easy to assemble, and we had been dreaming of packaging that represents us and our brand better for a while!

But between keeping up with orders, collapsed school bubbles, moving premises and expanding our team, this just never materialised. It is also not an easy process. We had to:

  • Find a packaging provider that sold boxes that suited our requirements with regards to size, sturdiness and eco-friendliness
  • Develop a sleeve that reflects our brand and products
  • Bake ALL our products and organise a photoshoot
  • Change every page in our online shop and all content referencing the old boxes on our entire website.
Biscuits with heart sleeve from Bloom Bakers
We could not have done it without the professional help of amazingly talented local women:
  • Louisa and Tracey from Roary and Buddy designed the ‘wallpapers’ for our new sleeves.
  • Stephanie from Wall Nuts brought the wallpapers and product info together on the packaging sleeve.
  • Lucy from Proud Fox Creative made our biscuits look more beautiful than ever in her shots.
iced new home biscuits by bloom bakers
So it is with great excitement that we invite you to enter our new shop, browse our new products, and enjoy the imagery.
You might notice that we changed the pricing, too! The new boxes contain 6 biscuits over one layer, rather than 8 biscuits over 2 layers. The great benefit is that the biscuit boxes are now cheaper and 100% letterbox friendly!!
We would love to hear your thoughts.
Much love,
Lisa & Saskia
Written by Saskia Roskam

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