What is it like to work at The Biskery? We can only speak for ourselves, so we thought we’d add some more voices to the mix. Namely, those of our wonderful team!


Tell us about you!

I’m Shirley and I work as an Artisan Baker and Biscuit decorator. Before I joined The Biskery, I spent the best part of 20yrs working as a hairdresser. I had created many beautiful styles with my artistry and skilled hands, but never had I tried my hand at baking … Okay, maybe as a school student in Food Tech and yes I’ve baked many cupcakes with my daughters, but never did I bake biscuits!

What made you decide to switch hairdressing for biscuits?

Whilst on maternity leave with my youngest, the idea of venturing into something different had crossed my mind several times, but I wasn’t quite sure what that was.
Over the past few years, I had accompanied both co-founders Saskia and Lisa at numerous Food Festivals, Farmers markets, Pop up shops and Christmas fairs, where I helped to serve, sell and interact with other sellers, as well as the public. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the vibrant hustle and bustle and seeing everyone hard at work, setting up their stalls ready for another advantageous day.
So, when I was proposed a job offer to be a permanent employee of their new business, I was delighted.

How different is it?

Although this line of work meant working behind the scenes to produce the goods, I was excited to finally get stuck in to something ‘different’ and learn more about what goes into making the products
After a fair few burnt, broken and ugly biscuits, I had developed the confidence and efficiency in mastering the art to producing beautiful hand crafted treats

What is your favourite perk of working at The Biskery?

The one thing I enjoy is creating personalised biscuits for my loved ones. This is when I really allow my creative juices to flow. I feel super proud, watching their eyes light up, knowing ‘I did that’.

Do you have a favourite biscuit?

I do have a sweet tooth myself and have indulged in many biscuits, but I must admit that I have over indulged in our biscuits and my favourite one so far are the Jammies! I love how the tartness of the red currant jelly cuts through the delicate vanilla biscuit, giving you a burst of flavour.


What is working with your team like?

The ladies I work with make up a great team. We all work equally as hard to keep this little business flowing and growing. And I see this reflected in our work, especially when we are presented with huge orders.

Focus, efficiency and team work is what gets us through a busy day and allows us to have a constant flow of productivity. Customer satisfaction is important, so we make sure love, care and the company’s ethos goes into each individually wrapped, packed and boxed biscuits.

What keeps you connected and committed to the business?

Overall working for a company like this one, which serves purpose and meaning gives me thorough job satisfaction and a happy place to work and make lovely friends.

Written by Saskia Roskam

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Everyone here loves what they do

"I want to feel fulfilled in my work and knowing that with each little box we send out, it puts a smile on someone’s face. I always feel proud to say I work here!"