Every year we update our lebkuchen tins. This year the wallpaper design for the tins was made by the artistic local Leeds duo Roary & Buddy.


Premium Lebkuchen by The Biskery

We find that working together with other independents or creatives makes the process more fun. It ultimately also makes for a better end product. Louisa hand drew all the icons on the tins based on some Christmas themed ideas. Graphic designer Tracey brought it all together in a gorgeous wallpaper.

We think these lebkuchen tins will make great Christmas gifts, or enhance your own Christmas table. Decorative tin filled with the taste of Christmas.


Dangerously Delicious

Lebkuchen the authentic German Gingerbread biscuit stacked witch a yellow ribbon around them

All our lebkuchen are made in our Leeds based commercial kitchen by hand. We bake to a traditional German recipe and the reviews don’t lie.

So not only do they come in a pretty tin, they also come with incredible praises from those who have purchased from us before:

“The most authentic Nurnberg lebkuchen I’ve found in the UK: a perfect texture (crisp shell, squidgy middle) and balance of sweetness and spice. I challenge you to eat one and not go on and eat the whole tin. . . Just delicious!”

“Amazingly yummy Lebkuchen, wish I’d ordered double the number of tins. Definitely the best I’ve ever tasted.”

Read more reviews of our Lebkuchen here.

We send out Lebkuchen all over the UK and have routinely sent them overseas as well.


Durable tins

Our tins are durable! They can be washed by hand. And will last well after all the biscuits are gone. They can be used to hold little nick-knacks or pens. Or for the creative of you, they are great candle making tins! So please don’t be too quick to throw them in the bin.

Written by Mugo Agency

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