Royal iced biscuits are a beautiful and delicious treat that has captivated the hearts and taste buds of many. Their unique charm lies in the intricate artistry that transforms simple cookies into edible works of art. 

We create many royal iced biscuits for corporate orders at The Biskery. But we wanted to give you the tools to make them at home as well. And the process starts with a good Royal Icing Recipe. If you follow our below guidance you will make a beautiful silky royal icing time and time again.

How to Make Royal Icing Recipe




  • 50ml cold water


  • 300 grams icing sugar


  • 10 grams of egg white powder


  • Food coloring of your choice




  • Piping bags


  • Piping nozzles


  • Mixing bowl


  • Hand mixer or kitchen machine



  1. Place the cold water in a mixing bowl.
  2. Add the icing sugar
  3. Add egg white powder on top (it is important to add this last to avoid the formation of lumps).
  4. Mix the ingredients together at a very low speed for about 8 minutes until a toothpaste-like consistency is reached.
  5. Remove about a third of the icing mix and set it aside in a container with a lid (this is the icing you use for decorating the details of your design).
  6. To the remaining icing mix, gradually add a little bit more water, mixing gently until the consistency of honey is reached. (This is the runnier version of your icing that will be used for flooding)
  7. Your royal icing is now ready to use. Learn here how to make the perfect iced biscuits!



  • For a smoother finish, be sure to use a fine icing sugar.
  • If you are using disposable piping bags, be careful not to cut the end too large, as this will make it difficult to control the icing.
  • If your icing becomes too thick, add a little bit more water. If it becomes too thin, add a little bit more icing sugar.
  • Royal icing dries quickly, so be sure to work with it quickly.


We hope this helps!! And if you use the recipe for your royal iced biscuit creations, then we would love to see them. Please tag @thebiskery on your preferred social media channel.

Written by Saskia Roskam

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