There’s nothing like a good brew to help you collect your thoughts and revive your spirits. Whether it’s chatting with your family or roommates over a pot of tea, or stopping to enjoy a quiet cup of your favourite coffee during a busy day, it’s important to take the time to really relax and live in the moment. So, instead of rushing through it, it’s well worth finding ways to make your tea or coffee breaks that extra bit more special. Here, we will share a few of our favourite ways to elevate your daily cup of tea or coffee.

Find the best quality coffee, tea, and biscuits

If you’re in the habit of just using the same instant coffee or ordinary tea bags every day, why not try something a bit different? For example, you could switch your usual everyday tea for something more unique, such as chai, green tea, white tea, or rooibos. For an exciting new coffee moment, you could try out some new blends or bean varieties — try buying from a local coffee shop to help support independent businesses. Beans that are sourced locally are usually fresher, too, which makes a real difference to the taste. Of course, no tea or coffee break would be complete without something sweet on the side, so find some tasty biscuits to pair with your newly inspired drinks. To elevate your tea break further, source some jam biscuits which look just as good as they taste to add to the experience.

Experiment with new ways of brewing tea and coffee

If your usual routine doesn’t go beyond putting a teabag in a mug or popping a coffee pod in your machine, then why not try branching out into some more unusual brewing methods? For instance, you could try making coffee using the pour-over method or a cafetiere — these methods bring out the flavour of your beans and will fill your kitchen with the delicious scent of freshly brewed coffee.

Should you be more of a tea drinker, then switching to loose leaf brewing methods can make a difference to the strength and flavour of your cuppa. You could also try your hand at making more unusual teas using traditional brewing methods, such as making Japanese matcha tea using a whisk and tea bowl. Not only will using these methods help to enhance the flavours of your drinks, but they can also be a lovely ritual if you take the time to enjoy performing them.

Invest in some beautiful tableware

Serving your drinks in some beautiful tableware can make an ordinary drink feel like something you’d find in an upmarket coffee shop or luxury tearoom. Rather than reaching for whatever mismatched mugs you have in the cupboard, you could try serving your coffee, tea and biscuits on cups and plates that you really love the look of and enjoy using. Using a cup and saucer set can make a simple cup of tea or coffee and a couple of sweet treats feel much more special, even if it’s just a 10-minute break in the middle of a busy day.

For a truly premium feel, you can opt for handcrafted ceramic cups and saucers — you can really feel the difference with every sip. A high-quality set should be strong and versatile enough to use every single day, allowing you to elevate all of your tea and biscuit moments!

Take your time and be mindful

Happy birthday iced biscuit made by The Biskery

Life can be hectic, and we’re often so busy that we don’t stop to enjoy the ritual of sitting down to enjoy a tea or coffee break. It’s easy to rush your tea or coffee as quickly as possible, and hurriedly drink it in front of your computer or while scrolling on your phone.

This doesn’t allow you to stop and savour the flavours of your brew and biscuits, nor will you get a proper break. So, try taking the time to savour the ritual of making your hot drinks, and then sit down to enjoy them as mindfully as possible. You’ll find that you feel much more refreshed and ready to focus if you allow yourself a break in this way.

Stopping for a cuppa and some lovely biscuits can boost your mood, so why not find ways to make it more special? Try using some of the tips we’ve shared here to make your daily coffee or tea break feel truly enjoyable.

This guest post was kindly written by Hayley Baddiley, from the homewares and ceramics brand Denby Pottery.

Written by Saskia Roskam

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