How a delicious German Christmas treat, handmade in Yorkshire, earned a Great Taste Award from the British Guild of Fine Food.

Lebkuchen cut in half

Lisa Shepherd, co-founder of The Biskery, has lived in Leeds for the past 8 years, but her origins lie in the small town of Fürth near Nuremberg in Germany. The Biskery specialise in bespoke biscuits, but every Christmas they expand their range with seasonal Germanic inspired treats. With the most popular product being their Lebkuchen.

And now their luxurious Christmas cookie has been awarded a Great Taste Award. An accolade that the team hopes will further increase the interest in this classic Christmas cookie from Germany.

Great Taste 2020 award for The Biskery

Spiced Gingerbread Cookie

Whilst not a staple in British Christmas delights, more and more people are now familiar with the spiced gingerbread biscuit. Few might however realise that there are many different varieties of Lebkuchen. For instance, in the German town of Nuremberg, they produce Elisen-Lebkuchen. These are the very best of Lebkuchen. No flour is used in the mix. Rather it is substituted with a golden blend of ground nuts like almonds and hazelnuts, creating a beautifully rich and nutty spiced cookie.

The Biskery introduced this premium Lebkuchen variety from Lisa’s old family recipes to their customer base in the UK.

Lebkuchen tins by The Biskery

Lisa Shepherd: “Lebkuchen are the taste of Christmas for me. They burst with flavour and warming winter spices like cinnamon. We are thrilled to have received this award and amazing feedback by some of the most sophisticated palates in the UK.”

What the Guild of Fine Food Said about our Lebkuchen

“These are delightful little treats with wonderful tastes that sum up the festive season. It’s like a sweet mulled biscuit. The sugar content is low and due to the low level of flour the texture is light and crumbly without dryness.”

“The judges loved the high nut content that was well amalgamated, but with the odd bit of added crunch. Moist and squidgy. Not too sweet, and the festive spices were perfectly balanced. An excellent example of a Lebkuchen.”

Order your tin of seasonal Lebkuchen here today.

Written by Saskia Roskam

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