Bedtime treats to raise awareness for child poverty in Leeds

The Biskery announces Zarach as their charity to raise funds for this year.

Here at The Biskery we love giving back to our community. Not only do we genuinely help where we can, we also get a deep sense of satisfaction from being of service. That is why we give 1% of our turnover to a charitable cause.

For the very first time, we have chosen a charity to support throughout the year: Zarach.

Zarach provides beds to children who would otherwise have none. 

Whilst some children eagerly await their first sleepover at a friend’s house, other children in the same city don’t even have a bed. This sounds incredible, but it is the sad truth. The number of children who don’t own a bed and sleep on the floor, on old cushions or even the bathtub in our city is in the hundreds. 

For the whole of 2022 we will be raising funds and awareness for the plight of some of the most vulnerable children in our city who don’t have a bed to sleep in.

Zarach Leeds Charity

Why Zarach exists

Zarach-founder Bex Wilson worked as a teacher when she was confronted with the heart-wrenching story of one of her students who slept on an infested sofa cushion on the floor; he was covered in bed bug bites. 

That boy’s story wasn’t the exception. Zarach delivers an astounding 80-90 beds to children in need every month, in Leeds alone. The estimated number of unknown cases in the whole of the UK runs into the thousands.

Mothers can't look away

The Biskery is run by a team of five mothers. “After reading Bex’s story in the Guardian I immediately sent it to Lisa. Reading about that little boy made me want to do something”, says co-founder Saskia Roskam. Business-partner Lisa Shepherd didn’t need convincing. We immediately contacted the charity asking if they could work together.

Sweet Dreams

Sleep over biscuit box for Zarach charity by Bloom Bakers

Throughout 2022 we will support the charity in different ways. 

We wanted to kick the year off with the creation of a bespoke “Sweet Dreams” biscuit box that will be available through our online shop from March 1st. The launch will coincide with the start of National Bed Month. All the profits from the sale of these boxes will go to Zarach. 

In addition to that, The Biskery has already made a donation to provide two children with beds, and will give £1 of each of their best selling biscuits boxes in 2022 to Zarach. 

“We are delighted that The Biskery has chosen Zarach as the charity they will be supporting during 2022. Zarach delivers beds and basics to children currently living without, providing them with somewhere warm and safe to sleep. This in turn will improve a child’s ability to engage in education which is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. We believe no child should be without a bed, it can have a huge impact on so many aspects of life including education, physical and mental wellbeing and their growth. We are grateful that The Biskery has lots of fundraising planned this year which will contribute to our Every Head a Bed commitment to ensure every child in Leeds has a safe and secure place to sleep”.

Please support their petition for a sleep strategy here:

And please give them a like, follow, and spread the word about the amazing work they are doing!

Written by Saskia Roskam

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