It is Chinese New Year on the 10th of Feb. And what better way to celebrate than with a good helping of tradition and a hint of sweetness with beautiful themed Chinese New Year biscuits.

Let your Chinese team members, customers, and clients feel seen by wishing them a happy Lunar New Year. And take the opportunity to educate those in your organisation who might not be familiar with the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Below you will find biscuit inspiration to help you celebrate the Lunar New Year as a business.

Prices for our personalised biscuits range from £5 per person for an individual biscuit in a box to £17.50 per person for a luxury gift box.


Fly into Good Fortune with Jam Message Biscuits

Imagine the lucky recipient finding a cheerful surprise on their doormat. An adorable little jam biscuit impressed with your business' Chinese New Year's message. Each gift box bearing an additional personalised message of luck and prosperity.


Individually Wrapped for Sharing

Chinese New Year biscuit examples in bags

Want to keep it simple, but still eco-friendly? Then opt for our individually wrapped biscuits in transparent bags.

Imagine the joy of unwrapping a golden dragon, a symbol of strength and power, or a vibrant red hongbao envelope, brimming with prosperity and good fortune. 


Go all out with Lunar New Year letterbox-friendly themed biscuits

If you want to gift a selection of themed biscuits then opt for our letterbox-friendly option of 6 bespoke biscuits. All your biscuits are made completely bespoke and you can choose the messages and types of biscuits to make your box truly fit your brand and message.


We'd love to help you share good fortune with your team, customers and clients. Simply drop us a line via email with your ideas! 

If you want to learn a wee bit more about Chinese New Year symbolism, then do read on below 👇🏽


The Sweet Meanings Behind the Lunar New Year Symbols


Let's dive deeper into the meanings behind these figures:

  • The Red Lantern: Radiating warmth and light, the red lantern is a beloved symbol of booming life and prosperous business. Sharing a lantern-shaped biscuit is a wish for your loved ones to enjoy success and abundance in the coming year.
  • The Mighty Dragon: Fifth in the Chinese zodiac cycle, the dragon is a revered creature representing power, ambition, and good luck. Gifting a dragon biscuit is a powerful way to wish the recipient strength, courage, and success in all their endeavours.
  • The Allure of Red: It's not just the festive packaging that shimmers with crimson joy; the very colour itself is a potent symbol of good luck and happiness. Each bite of a ruby red biscuit sends warm wishes of prosperity and success dancing on your loved ones' tongues.
  • Plum Blossoms: A Symbol of Resilience. The delicate plum blossom, braving the winter chill to bloom with vibrant beauty, is a beloved symbol of resilience and hope. Each bite of our plum blossom-shaped biscuit carries a message of enduring strength, reminding your loved ones to blossom even in the face of adversity.
  • Fireworks of Joy and Celebration: The dazzling crackle and pop of fireworks is synonymous with Lunar New Year festivities. Our firework-shaped biscuits capture the essence of this joyous tradition, symbolizing the bursting forth of good fortune and prosperity. Each bite is a spark of celebration, lighting up the year with laughter and joy.
  • The Lucky Hongbao: Every Lunar New Year, red envelopes filled with money are gifted to bring blessings and happiness. Sharing a hongbao-shaped biscuit is a sweet and symbolic way to shower your loved ones with good fortune and well wishes.


If you have specific ideas of what kind of biscuits you would like to celebrate Chinese New Year, then do get in touch with us via


Written by Saskia Roskam

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