Why our biscuits have such impact

It took us a few years to see what others saw and experienced long before us; the deep meaning of our biscuits. On paper, we produce and sell biscuits, but what the recipient gets is so much more than ‘just’ a biscuit. The many stories we get emailed and 5-star reviews speak volumes about how our biscuits have impacted people.


So much more than a biscuit

Take, for instance, the very first personalised biscuit box we ever made. It was sent from one friend to another who had just had her first baby. The biscuits were impressed with her new baby daughter’s name, and upon opening the new mum was moved to tears!

Or the time when we sent out hundreds of free kindness biscuits during the 1st lockdown, all impressed with encouraging messages like “Stay Safe” or “Missing you”. So many recipients felt the love from those biscuits. So many (senders and receivers) shared their deep appreciation of their biscuits with us. One wrote the following to us. “It is so much more than a biscuit, I hope you realise that”.

Stay safe jam biscuit by Bloom Bakers

Then there are our corporate branded biscuits, that on the face of it seem like a sales gimmick. But again, if done right, they make people feel appreciated. Many of our corporate clients choose a subtle way of incorporating their brand into our biscuits. Sometimes they are not even branded at all! Just a very delicious, handmade gift that comes from a place of kindness. Corporate acts like these can have a huge impact. Like for instance, the improvement of Trustpilot scores as we saw with this client:

Nordic Spirit Trustpilot review

Multilingual biscuits

Recently, we came across Dr. Gary Chapman’s 5 love languages. And the penny dropped; our biscuits are multilingual! They speak at least four out of the five universal love languages (Spending time together, acts of service, words of affirmation, gifts and physical touch)

According to Dr. Chapman every person speaks two primary love languages. This guarantees that our biscuits will make every recipient feel loved. 

Below are 4 of the 5 love languages to showcase how our biscuits help to express them.



Our biscuits are mainly bought as gifts. Receiving a beautiful gift box with handmade biscuits is how some people feel appreciated the most.


Words of Affirmation (The most common expression of love!) 

Our biscuits are impressed with your words, plus there is the option to send a free personalised gift note with them. This gives the sender two opportunities to shower the recipient in words of affirmation, which is how they get to the other person’s heart.


Small Act of Service

Many of us feel most appreciated when someone does something for us. A selfless gesture goes a long way with many. When someone sends a box of our biscuits, they had this lovely thought and acted upon it, just for you, expecting nothing in return.


Quality Time

If the sender happens to be with the recipient when they enjoy their biscuit, they can celebrate that moment together. Whether it is a literal celebration, like a ChristeningWedding or Bar Mitzvah, or a calm moment, with a cup of tea, taking time out together sharing the biscuits.

I love you fondant biscuits on a wooden tray

B2B biscuit gifts

When sent between lovers, the impact of say our personalised “I love you” biscuits is obvious. 

But with the above 5 love languages in mind, bespoke branded biscuits can also make employees, clients and prospects remember your brand for the right reason: for how you made them feel. After all, while it might be B2B (business-to-business), it is still a human-to-human interaction! 

If you are working for a brand with a focus on making everyone who interacts with them feel special, then we would love to hear from you. Together we can come up with a biscuit design that will make your brand stand out and be remembered for all the right reasons.

Written by Saskia Roskam

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