When you are able to, Christmas is a great time for both giving and receiving gifts. But when we are not considered in our gift choices it can also be a time for waste. With all the wrapping paper, decorations, and gifts, it can be hard to keep the festive season eco-friendly.

One way to reduce your environmental impact is to choose eco-friendly festive stocking filler gifts.

Stocking fillers are small gifts that are typically placed in stockings on Christmas Eve. They are usually small and fun, making them the perfect gift for young, old, in fact the whole family.


Festive stocking filler ideas

We wanted to suggest 20 eco-friendly festive stocking filler ideas that we would gift ourselves and we'd be over the moon to receive. Not only are they great ideas the majority of these gifts are produced by small female founded businesses.

  1. Reusable straws Bamboo toothbrushes, from Wild & Stone
  2. Natural soap, from the Little Soap Company
  3. Sustainable cotton socks, from Lavender Hill
  4. Natural candles, from Scentered
  5. Plantable seed paper, from Little Green Paper Shop
  6. Eye Creams, from Upcircle Beauty
  7. Reusable coffee mug, from Ohelo
  8. Natural deodorant, from Green People
  9. Reusable shopping bags, from The Biskery
  10. Natural hair care products, from Only Curls
  11. 3x Fair trade coffee, from Rise
  12. Organic cotton underwear, from Stripe & Stare
  13. Menstrual underwear, from Wuka
  14. Reusable water bottle, from Moon Bottles
  15. Stainless steel lunchbox, from Elephant Box
  16. Eco-friendly gift wrap, from Re-wrapped
  17. No added sugar chocolate bars, from Lucocoa
  18. Sweet impressed jam biscuit, from The Biskery 
    Merry Christmas biscuit
  19. Beeswax meditation candles. from Cotton and Grey
  20. Sustainable pocket book, from Keep & Kind

These are just a few ideas for eco-friendly festive stocking filler ideas.

When choosing gifts, be sure to consider the recipient's interests and needs. As a big part of the waste happens because we do not buy carelessly and not with intention. Oh and don't forget to wrap your gifts in eco-friendly wrapping paper (see the list)!


Buy small business products

As much as possible buy you eco-friendly festive stocking filler gifts local. Buying local gifts reduces the environmental impact of transportation.

Buy from small businesses. Small businesses are more likely to sell eco-friendly products than large chain stores. Plus they care about you choosing the right product and will often be on hand to suggest gift options to you.

Look out for sustainable materials. Such as items that are made from recycled materials or sustainable materials, such as bamboo, cork, and organic cotton. Avoid single-use plastics.

Have a wonderful time gifting to your loved ones this season!

Written by Saskia Roskam

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