Bespoke newborn biscuit box

Our latest box was made to order for Jo. Living in London she wanted to celebrate the birth of her friend’s baby as soon as possible. She, however, wasn’t able to make the journey up north to Leeds so quickly. So she dropped us an email with a clear indication of what she wanted us to create for her friend. Most importantly she wanted us to incorporate the name of the newborn baby in the biscuit design.

We went to work and created this bespoke biscuit collection box for her to gift to her friend.

Large bespoke handmade butter biscuits were individually ‘engraved’ with the little girl’s name.

We scattered dozens of letters in the box that spelled the newborn baby girl’s name. It was truly like the well-loved ‘hundreds and thousands’ sprinkles but then in biscuit form.

We iced only the top letters. As Jo requested the box shouldn’t be “too pink”.

Jo also wanted some of our well-known jam sandwich biscuits in the gift box; as they were so flowery and colourful!

The box was carefully and neatly finished to withstand the journey of, in this case, personal delivery.

Ordering a bespoke biscuit box

Our bespoke biscuit collection boxes can be made for any special occasion (a birthday, wedding, christening, or any other special day). We are happy to hear your thoughts about what it is that you need and want our biscuit box to do for you. We have a range of handmade biscuits for you to choose from and we can create them in pretty much any shape that is required for your special event.

If you are interested in our bespoke biscuits offering then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to discuss options with you.

Written by Saskia Roskam

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